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Purse Base Shaper – Help Bags Keep Their Shape


Do you guys ever have that problem where you overload your purses and they stretch out, get all saggy and lose shape?  It happened to my very beloved tote (got it in nutmeg) which is now totally misshapen as you can see inthis post.  I learned much too late that leather stretches permanently if you overload it.  Blah!  SO sad, because otherwise, after 2 years of nearly daily use it would still be in tact if I had not overloaded it to the point of it getting saggy and lumpy.

When I got my new Target satchel I could tell it was doomed to the same fate as my tote.  Then I recalled learning about a company called the Base Shaper Store from Jean at Extra Petite.  She wrote all about preventing “bag sag” by placing a simple plastic insert into your purse.  I sooo wished I had known about base shapers when I first got my tote two years ago.

Even though I pretty much have nothing new to add to Jean’s review because she did a fantastic job, I’m sharing about it here to introduce you guys to this product too!

NOTE:  Aside from receiving a free base shaper (a $16 value) this is NOT a sponsored post.  I was not compensated to write a review, nor was I even asked to write a review.  I knew I wanted to try Base Shapers, and I already knew I wanted to share them with you regardless of whether or not I was gifted one by the company.  I just found this product really helpful and wanted to pass it along.

What It Does
Basically, a base shaper is a plastic liner to insert in your purse that holds the base of your purse in shape.  It allows you to put heavier or lumpier items in your bag without stretching the base of your purse.  For example, the picture at the top of this post shows the difference between a purse without and with a base shaper.  In both pictures my purse is loaded with a full water bottle, wallet, and small book.  On the left you can see the round water bottle weighing down the purse’s base and stretching it out.  On the right, the base is still in tact thanks to the base shaper, even with all the same contents in my purse.


Bag: Target  |  Base Shaper: c/o Base Shaper Store

The Base Shaper
Even though it’s plastic, it’s pretty sturdy at 3mm thick.  The edges are nice and rounded and the plastic is cut smoothly.  It comes in a variety of widths/lengths and a few different colors.

The site advertises that they are built to fit specific Louis Vuitton bags, but I was able to find a pre-made size that fit my humble Target purse.   Pre-made ones range in size and price, from $15 to $30.  Mine was $16.  You can also get custom cut base shapers to fit any bag, though those are more expensive.

The Site
Jean said in her review that the site is pretty sketch looking, and that is absolutely accurate.  Ha.  If it puts you at ease, when I contacted the owner he was friendly, quick to respond, and helpful.  I didn’t have any problems receiving my base shaper.

Overall, I am VERY happy about it and at the same time VERY sad that I found out about this after I already ruined my leather tote.  Save your bags before it’s too late!



How to Wear a Dress in Multiple Seasons

I know winter is raging in many parts of the country and yall are itching to wear your spring dresses.

After a couple of posts earlier this month about wearing typical warm weather pieces in cooler months (likewearing a bright blazer for winter or white jeans for winter) I was asked about how to wear spring/summer dresses in cooler months.

I pulled together some tips for wearing spring dresses in colder weather so that you don’t have to wait!  There’s no clear rhyme or reason to this post, rather I just collected pictures of dresses I’ve styled throughout different seasons to show you a bunch of examples.  I picked out general tips from the groups of pictures for some ideas on how to wear a dress in multiple seasons.  If that’s okay with you, here we go…


Tights, Boots, and a Cardigan.  Always.
This is my numero uno most basic and easiest way to wear a springy dress–or any dress–in cooler weather.  It works for pretty much all dresses, regardless of whether they are neutral in color or springy florals!  And of course, you can always add a scarf for more warmth.

Trade Bright Colors for Darker Shades and Neutrals
That’s basically what I did in the set of pictures above.  The first pic is with a bright green cardigan (looks teal in the pics, but whatever) and a pink belt.  I swapped the cardigan for a darker one in olive, paired with a neutral belt, and added tights and boots.


I’ve paired this striped dress with a denim jacket and bright green cardigan in warmer months, but the far right picture is another example of choosing a darker or neutral cardigan to feel more cold-weather appropriate.
Layer a Shirt Underneath
Shown above is a way to do a dress in summer/spring, spring/fall (middle) and fall/winter.  It’s easy to layer a white button up under dresses, especially if they are scoop neck tank dresses, but it can work with other dresses too.
Swap Summer/Spring Accessories for Fall Pieces
The middle outfit is from a day when I wished it was fall but it was still pretty warm.  I simply swapped out summery and springy pieces for fall accessories.  Open-toe wedges were exchanged for booties, and a neon belt or bag was exchanged for a satchel.  A denim jacket provided a light layer.
Layers, Layers, Layers
I also wore this navy dress during winter in Northern California.  So, not a San Diego winter.  Still a California winter, but it was 30 degrees, not the typical 50 we get in San Diego.  There are a few key elements that you can’t tell from the pictures.  First, the tights are fleece-lined tights which are way warmer than normal tights!  Second, I layered a shirt underneath for more warmth (Uniqlo Heattech, to be exact).  Then there’s the leather jacket, and a big knit scarf to top it off!
Top It Off With a Sweater
I don’t have a picture of this because I never do this, but I really like how it looks!  (Note to self: DO IT.)  Rather than a cardigan, throw a pullover sweater over your dress and make your dress look like a skirt.  It provides a lot of warmth while making it look like you have a bigger wardrobe.  It can be a fitted or oversized sweater–just depends on the dress and the sweater and how the silhouette looks with them combined.
And, if you combine all of these at once you are the ultimate winner!  🙂  What’s your favorite way to wear a spring dress in colder months?


How to Roll Up Layered Sleeves


I’ve gotten a surprising amount of comments and emails asking about how to fold layered sleeves without all the bunching, so here you go!  Sorry the image is so huge.  I wanted you to be able to see the details.  🙂

The key for me seems to be to fold part of the outer sleeve.  Folding it up means more of the material lies flat, which means less material has to be bunched up.  Also, I think folding some of the shirt’s sleeve over the outer layer also means that you don’t have to push/bunch the outer sleeve up quite as high to get your desired overall length, which also means less bunching.

Anyway, that’s what I do to avoid the bunching, though sometimes I think a bunched and messy sleeve looks cool too!

P.S. Top is from The Walk-In Closet (only size L left).  More sizes available at ModCloth but $5 more.  Cardigan is from H&M.


13 Fashion Tips and Tricks From Pro Stylists

1. Find out if a pair of jeans fits without a trip to the dressing room.

Ready for a mind-blowing fashion hack? According to Lauren Edelstein, Style Director at Shopbop, all you need to do to determine whether or not a pair of jeans will fit is to wrap the waist around your neck — if the ends meet without overlapping (or stretching), they’ll fit your waist. “The neck trick is one I was skeptical about, but it really works!”

2. Make any outfit look great with just three key pieces.

Hate complicated fashion trends that only seem accessible to models and actors? It takes just three items to make literally any outfit look great, according to The Ambitionista’s Heidi Nazarudin. “A face-flattering pair of classic sunglasses (preferably black), a gorgeous everyday leather handbag, and a smart pair of shoes you can easily walk in.”


3. Test the waters of a bright color via lipstick or accessories first.

Anyone can wear patterns and bright colors — but if you’re afraid of them, Nazarudin recommends wearing them as an accessory before you invest in a clothing item: Instead of trying on a bright citron-colored blouse, you can go for a cuff or bracelet, or even a lipstick.”

4. A cowboy accessory can take the place of traditional jewelry.

Neckerchiefs can take the place of a statement necklace if you want a warmer alternative to jewelry accessories for fall and winter. “They’re bold, bright, and eye catching, too, but feel a little more special,” says Edelstein. “And bonus points if you pick a vintage one!”


5. Weigh down a light scarf with earrings.

Secure a pair of gold vintage clip-on earrings to weigh the ends of a lightweight scarf down. “It creates a really rich and wearable accessory,” says Yraola.

6. Maximize your shoe collection.

Want a pair of shoes you can wear all year round, no matter
the occasion? A pair of pointed-toe black pumps are essential, says Edelstein —
they’re seasonless, crazy flattering, and you can where them with absolutely


7. Pop a belt on for a put-together look.

Adding a textured, embellished, or a great colored belt is the fastest way to pull together the most basic pieces or quickly elevate a casual outfit, says Yraola.

8. Make the most of your bag.

If you want to change the look of a bag you love but feel a little bored with, fashion stylist Genevieve Yraola recommends tying a scarf to it — especially if it’s a structured piece with top handles.

9. The key to making online shopping work for you: a tape measure.

You need to know your measurements — not just your size. “I’m a big fan of online shopping,” says Nazarudin. “But I find that sizes vary across brands and even cuts, so memorize your shoulder, bust, waist, hip, and inseam measurements.gallery-1445267977-ghk-stylist-tips-011.jpg

10. Make a basic hairstyle look way more impressive.

Accomplishing a Pinterest-worthy hairstyle isn’t impossible, even if your skills are super basic! “Cool and modern trends like weaving silk into your braids can fancy up your hair and make it look like you tried a lot harder than you did,” advises Combs.

11. When trying prints, use the rule of 2.

If you’re stressed about pairing patterns, stick by Yraola’s guideline: “Two is the max amount of prints or brights to mismatch, like stripes with florals or lavenders with greys,” she says. “Don’t add a third.”

12. You don’t need a massive wardrobe of designer clothes to be a great dresser.

“Every woman really only needs 20 core items in her closet,” advises Nazarudin. “A black pair of pants, a blue blazer, a cashmere V-neck sweater in a jewel tone, and so on.” Outside of these 20, you can experiment with more inexpensive items — if you don’t like them, it’s not nearly as bad as if you dropped $300 on a trendy piece you only wore once. If you need tips on how to maximize your basics, check out Good Housekeeping Style Director Lori Bergamotto’s weeklong experiment in wearing the same thing every day.

13. Add accessories to instantly look polished.

You can get away with wearing a pair of nice jeans and a T-shirt nearly anywhere (yep, even work!) if you amp up to the look with accessories. “Try throwing on a statement necklace, an intricate bracelet, or even some standout earrings,” recommends stylist and Invoice2Go brand ambassador Michelle Combs.gallery-1445266219-ghk-stylist-tips-02.jpg


Getty Designed by Dana Tepper




Happy Monday guys! If you want this satin duster (under $30) for a beach trip last fall and thought it was the perfect topper for a simple black and white outfit. Also obsessed with this nude option! Long dusters or trenches are one of my favorite layers to transition into spring and work for weekend style or the office. I love the flowy silhouette against fitted leather leggings – so effortless but still looks put together and sophisticated. It’s an easy outfit with a baseball cap and sneakers to run errands and you can swap your sneakers for heels for an instant date-night ready look. Xoxo!






Whoever made pajama dressing chic must be given a medal. It pushes the limits of fashion because it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. (Let’s be honest. You have to be prepared for some raised eyebrows and judging eyes piercing through your soul. Yes, YOUR SOUL.) But unlike other bold fashion choices, pajama dressing obviously scores high on the comfort meter. I, for one, LOVE IT. Not only for said comfort but because it’s a style that relies completely on the wearer. You can’t get away with it by simply counting on its awesomeness. In fact, it can only be awesome if you are. So go ahead, be awesome.

For more pictures and information, please visit at http://itscamilleco.com/2016/01/pajama-chic/


Most people think being fashionable entails a large wardrobe. Although this does make your life easier, it’s definitely not a requirement. To be stylish, you also have to be smart–smart about your wardrobe choices and how to mix and match them to get the most out of your limited wardrobe. All you need are versatile clothes and a creative mind. Don’t believe me? Here’s a capsule wardrobe composed of only 12 pieces of clothing that’ll last you an entire month (or even more).

The key to creating an effective capsule wardrobe is to invest in the right basics and classics mixed with a few statement pieces. Stick to one color palette composed of just a few colors so it’s easier to match the pieces with one another. Think of items that are multi-functional: a dress that can serve as a top or a skirt; a blazer you can use as a dress or a top; a top you can layer with other pieces or even use as outerwear and so on and so forth. Remember, it’s all about maximizing your wardrobe.


For my capsule wardrobe, I chose 3 tops (a buttondown tunic, a knitted cropped top and a silk camisole), 2 pieces of outerwear (a blazer and a long vest), 3 dresses (a silk slip, an oversized off-shoulder knit dress and a minimalist jersey dress) and 4 bottoms (a pair of slimfit trousers, culottes with ruffled hem, a statement midi skirt and a patchwork pattern mini skirt). Take a look at how I styled them below. Hopefully you can use this as a guide to create your own capsule wardrobe for your daily outfits or even when you travel. Get creative and don’t forget to accessorize! Trust me, accessories are powerful tools that can take you from plain Jane to fashion maven.

P.S. Let CAMILLE.CO know if you want more how-to blog posts like this 🙂


First things first: “Petite” doesn’t just mean short and slim.

It refers to women who are 5’4 and under.

Clothing labeled as petite is cut with that proportion in mind. Compared to standard items, you’ll often find narrower shoulders and shorter inseams. So whether you’re a size 00 or a size 16, if you’re shorter, the petite section is worth a look.

With that in mind, BuzzFeed Life turned to bloggers Jean Wang of Extra Petite, Kelly Tucker of Alterations Needed, and New York City-based stylist Cindy Gordon, for their best tips and tricks on nailing shorter style.

1. For bustier petites, balance is key.enhanced-19857-1416340577-3.png

“Fuller petite body types can vary, but overall, celebrating shape is important,” Gordon told BuzzFeed Life. “For big-busted petites, empire waists are great since they nip you in beneath the bustline.” Or, try a fitted top paired with a high-low skirt. This way you’ve got a fitted base with an outer layer to balance — all without sacrificing shape.

2. Smaller frame? Depending on the brand, don’t overlook kids’ sizes.


Sizing doesn’t always make sense, even with retailers that have specific lines for petites. So when shopping, don’t look at sizing tags, look at measurements. With some brands, the larger kids sizes are interchangeable with the smaller petite sizes — and they often cost less too.

3. Use layers to fake a perfect fit.


If an item is fine in some spots but too big in others, use layers to strategically cover the latter. More examples of faking fit here.

4. At the same time, know when to invest in a professional tailor.


Yes, it’s an added cost, but if you’re careful about sticking to classic pieces that you can wear year after year — like winter coats, for example — you’ll find that the investment is worth it.

5. Cuff long shirts at the elbow.


Flowy long-sleeved shirts sometimes dwarf smaller frames. Cuffed sleeves (and a quick tuck) can break things up and emphasize shape.

6. Know which brands are petite-friendly.grid-cell-13332-1418487423-5.jpg

Among the retailers that carry petite lines: ASOS, Topshop, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Anthropologie, and more. For accessories, Pretty Small carries shoes starting in size 2. The Little Bra Company carries bras starting in 28A.

7. And finally — be confident in whatever you wear.


“Don’t believe that the goal of everything you wear is to make you look taller,” Tucker said. “Embracing your body and wearing what you love and feel confident in is always a better idea.”




Wrap dress

If you don’t own a wrap dress, your wardrobe is missing out! The wrap dress is a versatile dress style that is ideal for many different body shapes. You can wear this dress from day to night by simply changing the shoes!

A wrap dress is exactly as it’s called, it wraps around the body and fastened by a tie. The tie helps accentuate and define the waist creating a flattering silhouette. It can also be easily adjusted by tying it looser or tighter. Wrap dresses are often created using fabrics with stretch in them, this makes them extremely comfortable. A dress like this is so practical and is wearable all year long! I chose this green wrap dress in a ribbed material, and I’m so happy I’ve added this piece to my wardrobe! I will definitely be wearing this piece now and throughout the spring.

Finishing off the look with a leopard print bag makes it more fun. It’s always great to add texture and pattern into your outfit. If you don’t own a leopard print bag add it to your list of shopping must haves! It goes with more than you think and is practically a neutral.

For more information please do visit http://finastyleblog.com/author/mariadecot/


“Do your thing, Girl”



By: Angela

1. Create a neighborhood guide for your fave hood in your city
2. Style a sunset shoot and turn it into an event to enjoy with your friends or partner.
3. Look on your own actual bookshelf to create a summer reading list of old faves you want to revisit
4. Attend an outdoor show or event and write a review or recap
5. Take photos at a summer craft fair and promote some of the brands
6. Share your editing process for editing natural light photos
7. Make a craft for your next dinner party, like a cute table runner or drink stirrers
8. Go on a solo walk or hike for some time to yourself and write your reflections
9. Host a backyard cocktail party—have everyone bring an ingredient and experiment with new recipes
10. Take a summer art class at a local arts center or college… you can write about this all quarter long!
11. Find a local networking event and then share insights you gained from the experience
12. Host a crafting in the park day where you get together with your local community to create. You can create a post recapping and one with a DIY tutorial
13. Create a roundup of products based on your favorite summer colors
14. Practice or experiment with golden hour photography and share the photos
15. Create a summer fashion DIY and share the process on your blog
16. Share some travel hacks that will make life easier for summer vacays
17. Use downtime to write a post on a subject you don’t normally tackle, as inspired by our post on surprising readers
18. Have a summer fun photo shoot featuring one of these trendy items or your own summer-themed pool and partyware
19. Take photos during a trip and create something with them that you can do a blog tutorial on, like postcards or art
20. In August, plan any fall DIYs or recipes you’ll be posting, and share a preview
21. Share a list of beachy faves, like hats, bags, and towels, but look high and low for items your readers have never seen
22. Start a food diary and at the end of the season, share your results. Lately I’ve been trying to be more conscious of the foods I eat, and summer seems like a great time to get in a groove before fall and the season of eating finally do come! Plus, I just read this post by Cait Flanders on mindful eating, and it really inspired me to look into what makes my body feel good. Seemed like a good topic to blog!
23. DIY your own summer sea salt waves or beachy hairdo and create a tutorial or before + after
24. Host a theme party, whether it’s just for you and a friend or a full on bash. This post on Lovely Indeed might be helpful if you go the flamingo route!
25. Lastly, use Google Analytics to research which of your past summer posts have performed the best, and use it as a jumping off point to brainstorm more summer content!

Which will you be covering first?

PS If you haven’t seen our spring blog list, pretty much all of them are fair game for summertime too!

Summer Time Essentials


Sun’s out and this season has a ton of HOT things I want to brag about!!  

To all shoppers: Come down on June 6th for a special event featuring SHE+LO Handbags! Please click the link to shop or preview their ultra chic line and get excited!  Meet the owners Laura Darrah & Shila Nazarian; Laura is actually a local Kailua girl 🙂 They have so many options to choose from & it was a hard decision on picking JUST one but I chose this beautiful mint satchel.  It’s perforated leather, size, & slouchy coolness just go instantly to their online shop to browse. Soon, in a basic black in June though ❤