4 Smart Tips to Improve Your Summer Style

In addition to rising temperatures and road trippers, summer brings with it a hard-to-shake urge to shop. Maybe it’s because the weather’s heating up and those weekend jaunts require cute new outfits, but refreshing our summer closet is an activity we’re probably not alone in anticipating.Read on for the only 4 summer fashion tips you need to know!


1. Buy summer shoes a half-size or a full-size larger than you normally would.
It’s not the most pleasant of facts, but our feet swell during the summer. That’s why it’s key—when shopping for new shoes this time of year—to buy shoes a bit larger than you would in winter.

Natural materials like leather, canvas, and suede will definitely stretch, so going up half a size should be fine. For inexpensive trendy shoes made from faux leather, plastic, or any other man-made material, go a full size up.

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2. Mind your fabrics.
We love fast fashion as much as the next shopper, but a great deal of merchandise from high-street stores are made from poly-blends that simply aren’t breathable, and will often hold on to sweat stains. To stay cool on steamy days, it’s best seek out materials like cotton—pima or supima is best, but any variety will do—as the fibers are hollow in the center, allowing them to absorb perspiration and release it quickly.

Linen also is a solid summer material—it’s stronger than cotton and a better conductor of heat, making it the most breathable fabric out there. Contrary to popular belief, silk is a good choice for summer as well, since it’s natural, breathable, and cooling. The only downside: It has to be cleaned frequently if you sweat. Also great: super-thin denim.

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3. Reinvent your clothes.
We’re huge proponents of utilizing the tailors your city or town surely has, especially if you’re on the fence about whether to get rid of certain items. A tailor can cheaply transform garments, making them look totally different. A few examples: A floor-grazing skirt or dress can be made into a cute mini, pants can be turned into into shorts, and long blazers into cute cropped jackets to wear over summer dresses.

Another great tailor tip for those looking to try out the crop top trend without looking like a slave to fashion: Bring an old T-shirt and tank top you don’t wear anymore to your tailor and have he or she hem it to show a sliver of skin. Then pair it with super high-waist pants, skirts or shorts. The result: an easy-breezy crop that’s not too tight, too trendy, or too revealing—and can be worn comfortably all summer!


4. Keep your actual makeup from melting.
We’re always hearing about ways to keep the makeup on our face from melting, but how about the products we tote around with us in our bags? Didn’t think of that, did you?

Try this trick: Freeze a Zip-Loc freezer bag overnight, and before you leave for work, toss in the cosmetics you normally take for the day (a lipstick, a foundation, etc.) While it’s not a long-term fix, it will keep your products cool until you get to work, or whichever air conditioned place you’re headed.

If you know you’ll be outside all day and want to tote along your makeup, check out Cool-It Caddy, makeup bags and cases that feature a fully insulated interior and integrated coolant system.

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Workplace Blues, via My Style Diaries.


Seeing nothing but a blogger’s own self in an endless parade of similar outfits often tires me out. A lot of Nikki’s posts are geared toward ideas of what to wear to specific events such as a bachelorette party, a wedding or a weekend at the county fair. I think a lot of people are stumped as to what’s appropriate for various occasions, and Nikki does an immaculate job of giving clean, classic, interesting ideas. Her style reminds me of our own lovely Madeline’s: colorful, snappy, spunky and polished!

Song of Style


By: Aimee Song

As an interior architect, I’m really involved in all of the renovations of me new house. This means that I’m on the job site early in the morning, running back and forth to Home Depot, lifting heavy bags of concrete, and sometimes even laying the tile in the shower. If that was my only job, getting dressed in the morning would be a piece of cake–jeans and sneakers and then out the door! A lot of times though, I have to take meetings during the day for different things, or I’ll have dinner plans without having time to really get ready. On days like this, I like to wear easy and versatile pieces that I can easily swap out.






A Finnish brand with an eye on sustainability, Samuji has all the essentials for the grown-up wardrobe you’ve been tying to build for years. Not only is the quality palpable in every piece, but it just opened its first store in New York City, too (swoon!)

“If you do this, you’ll always look your best.”



I’ve always been told that when it comes to personal style, it’s important to be consistent. Decide what you like, find what works for you, and stick to it.

But I’ve come to learn this is only half of it. The best dressed people I know are consistent, but never predictable.

Lately, my style has definitely been consistent (minimal, structured and monochrome), but it’s also been bordering on predictable (hello black blazer, black skinnies, black handbag and brogues), so I’ve been changing things up.

Say Hello Sunshine To Lust For Life’s Olivia Lopez


Lust For Life; Olivia Lopez

The legendary Beach Boys once told us they wished we all could be California girls. If they were referring to the likes of L.A. blogger Olivia Lopez, the sun-kissed style maven behind Lust For Life, we’d share that sentiment.

Only a few minutes of scrolling through Lopez’s sartorial spreadsheet of no-sweat style and dreamy vacation snaps will give any gal the urge to mimic her “bon vivant” lifestyle, in which the best things in life come first.

We took the time to chat with the young tastemaker about the perfect date night, her style evolution since starting Lust for Life at the tender age of 14, and a dream wardrobe of sunglasses. After all, great shades are a must-have accessory when you have an outlook on life this bright.

“If it’s basic, it needs to be perfect


As Stacy London said; this when she came to help me clean my closet earlier this year: “If white shirts are part of your uniform, they better be the best white shirts out there!” And by “best” and “perfect,” we don’t mean expensive. Rather, it needs to fit you like a glove, have character, and be of lasting construction and fabric — and, well, not feel cheap. When I look at all the inspiring street style images we’ve amassed over the course of a month of fashion shows, the shots that stand out the most for me are truly about the best expression of basics: great cropped jeans, a sleek black or white turtleneck, a baby blue slouchy sweater, a classic trench coat in an unexpected color, a pair of well-worn loafers, which just never fail on the road. The pics that make you think, Wow, I could totally do that and make it my own! Basics never have to be basic. In fact, if chosen well, they can be the most decadent and handy things in your closet — and your suitcase.

Coachella festival’s fashion influence is everywhere


By Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic

We all know that brands have been flocking to the festival for years, hoping to make an impression on tastemakers who attend by hosting star-studded parties at nearby venues. This year, Old Navy, Lacoste, H&M, Teva, Adidas Originals, Guess and Opening Ceremony are just a few of the names that hopped on the Coachella branding bandwagon.

And in a truly funny twist, which really made me question whether Coachella is a music festival or just a gigantic fashion photo shoot, Sephora had nine beauty stations on the grounds for guests to get desert touch-ups.

But the blitz was not limited to the festival itself. In fashion marketing speak, “Coachella” has become more than an event; it’s a state of mind, like so many other mythical SoCal locales, including Malibu and Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.

Coachella signifies to the world a carefree, boho lifestyle — spring break for people with lots of disposable income.

That’s why online retailers and fashion magazines have been e-blasting celebrity-curated “Coachella must-haves” and “Coachella packing lists,” full of springy merchandise designed to appeal to people who didn’t even attend.

Local boutiques hoisted signs promoting themselves as “Coachella Headquarters” (Flower crowns! Maxi-dresses! Crop tops!) There were even Coachella diets, naturally.

The party wasn’t confined to Indio, either. Someone has named the event-heavy week in L.A. between the two weekends of the music festival “Midchella.”

Jimmy Choo, Puma and Levi’s all hosted events in L.A. this week. And the festival fashion carried over to the red carpet at the Choo.08 celebration in Beverly Hills and even the MTV Movie Awards, where a rainbow-hued, Chanel-dressed Lupita Nyong’o mugged for cameras with Jared Leto, who was dressed in a spring break-appropriate palm tree print shirt and straw hat.

“We have it, so vaunt it!” Welcome to Basicweargarment!

After spending your teenage years experimenting with coloured eyeshadows and pop-star inspired ensembles, discovering your personal style normally means you’ve finally learn the one key, basic rule the fashion world lives by – less is more. Go for fit, go for quality, and go for style over trends.

We know the hallmarks of a basic when we see them. They’re usually white or black. They’re simple and unobtrusive. And, in most cases, they can be totally predictable. But, for those willing to rewrite fashion rules, basics can be literally anything: bright tulle skirts included.

For each of the fashion influences and insiders ahead, the term “basic” means a little something different. It’s not just a neutral, safe silhouette that’s bound to complement everything — although we do appreciate that quality in our clothes. It’s more of a statement on its own. And, this item can be found as often in their outfit rotation as skater skirts do in Taylor Swift’s.