Wrap dress

If you don’t own a wrap dress, your wardrobe is missing out! The wrap dress is a versatile dress style that is ideal for many different body shapes. You can wear this dress from day to night by simply changing the shoes!

A wrap dress is exactly as it’s called, it wraps around the body and fastened by a tie. The tie helps accentuate and define the waist creating a flattering silhouette. It can also be easily adjusted by tying it looser or tighter. Wrap dresses are often created using fabrics with stretch in them, this makes them extremely comfortable. A dress like this is so practical and is wearable all year long! I chose this green wrap dress in a ribbed material, and I’m so happy I’ve added this piece to my wardrobe! I will definitely be wearing this piece now and throughout the spring.

Finishing off the look with a leopard print bag makes it more fun. It’s always great to add texture and pattern into your outfit. If you don’t own a leopard print bag add it to your list of shopping must haves! It goes with more than you think and is practically a neutral.

For more information please do visit http://finastyleblog.com/author/mariadecot/



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