“Do your thing, Girl”



By: Angela

1. Create a neighborhood guide for your fave hood in your city
2. Style a sunset shoot and turn it into an event to enjoy with your friends or partner.
3. Look on your own actual bookshelf to create a summer reading list of old faves you want to revisit
4. Attend an outdoor show or event and write a review or recap
5. Take photos at a summer craft fair and promote some of the brands
6. Share your editing process for editing natural light photos
7. Make a craft for your next dinner party, like a cute table runner or drink stirrers
8. Go on a solo walk or hike for some time to yourself and write your reflections
9. Host a backyard cocktail party—have everyone bring an ingredient and experiment with new recipes
10. Take a summer art class at a local arts center or college… you can write about this all quarter long!
11. Find a local networking event and then share insights you gained from the experience
12. Host a crafting in the park day where you get together with your local community to create. You can create a post recapping and one with a DIY tutorial
13. Create a roundup of products based on your favorite summer colors
14. Practice or experiment with golden hour photography and share the photos
15. Create a summer fashion DIY and share the process on your blog
16. Share some travel hacks that will make life easier for summer vacays
17. Use downtime to write a post on a subject you don’t normally tackle, as inspired by our post on surprising readers
18. Have a summer fun photo shoot featuring one of these trendy items or your own summer-themed pool and partyware
19. Take photos during a trip and create something with them that you can do a blog tutorial on, like postcards or art
20. In August, plan any fall DIYs or recipes you’ll be posting, and share a preview
21. Share a list of beachy faves, like hats, bags, and towels, but look high and low for items your readers have never seen
22. Start a food diary and at the end of the season, share your results. Lately I’ve been trying to be more conscious of the foods I eat, and summer seems like a great time to get in a groove before fall and the season of eating finally do come! Plus, I just read this post by Cait Flanders on mindful eating, and it really inspired me to look into what makes my body feel good. Seemed like a good topic to blog!
23. DIY your own summer sea salt waves or beachy hairdo and create a tutorial or before + after
24. Host a theme party, whether it’s just for you and a friend or a full on bash. This post on Lovely Indeed might be helpful if you go the flamingo route!
25. Lastly, use Google Analytics to research which of your past summer posts have performed the best, and use it as a jumping off point to brainstorm more summer content!

Which will you be covering first?

PS If you haven’t seen our spring blog list, pretty much all of them are fair game for summertime too!


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