“If it’s basic, it needs to be perfect


As Stacy London said; this when she came to help me clean my closet earlier this year: “If white shirts are part of your uniform, they better be the best white shirts out there!” And by “best” and “perfect,” we don’t mean expensive. Rather, it needs to fit you like a glove, have character, and be of lasting construction and fabric — and, well, not feel cheap. When I look at all the inspiring street style images we’ve amassed over the course of a month of fashion shows, the shots that stand out the most for me are truly about the best expression of basics: great cropped jeans, a sleek black or white turtleneck, a baby blue slouchy sweater, a classic trench coat in an unexpected color, a pair of well-worn loafers, which just never fail on the road. The pics that make you think, Wow, I could totally do that and make it my own! Basics never have to be basic. In fact, if chosen well, they can be the most decadent and handy things in your closet — and your suitcase.


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